‘Daily Show’ Legend Jordan Klepper Mocked George Santos’ Fake Volleyball Career To His Face At Trump’s Arraignment

Like a loyal MAGA Republican, George Santos attended the rally protesting Donald Trump’s arrest in Manhattan on Tuesday where the embattled congressman found himself surrounded by a throng of press. However, what Santos didn’t know is that The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper was hidden in the crowd, and he used the opportunity to ruthlessly mock Santos’ presence and his laundry list of lies that have plagued his short political career.

“We wanna hear about your volleyball career,” Klepper asked just inches away from Santos’ face. “We wanna hear about the legitimacy you’re bringing to this process.”

You can see video of Klepper heckling Santos below:

While Santos had no trouble blowing off Klepper, the situation went south as he eventually ran from the scene after being pursued by more hecklers and a swarm of people who were being cleared off the street by the NYPD.

At one point, Santos was practically in tears, but at least he can hang his head knowing he did more to support Trump than Ivanka and Melania who were nowhere near the legal fiasco:


Of course, Santos has legal problems of his own. Like Trump, he’s also under investigation for campaign finance violations and accusations of sexual misconduct. The House Ethics Committee is looking into Santos’ shady financial records and a claim from a prospective staffer who Santos allegedly hit on during an interview earlier this year.

(Via Mediaite)