Jordan Klepper Can’t Seem To Find Many MAGA Protesters At The Manhattan Criminal Court Building In His Latest Segment

On Tuesday, Donald Trump suffered a great indignity. No, he wasn’t indicted. (Though that seems to be what he wants now.) It was that his attempt at Jan. 6 redux was a big old flop. The former president on Saturday beckoned his supporters to “PROTEST” over Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against him. Almost no one did. And Jordan Klepper was there to witness his latest flop.

In a quickly-turned-around segment, the Daily Show correspondent hops on the subway to Lower Manhattan, where throngs were expected to be protesting outside the Manhattan Criminal Court building. Instead he discovered somewhere between three and six showed up. (Those brave few that did were outnumbered by counter protesters by about three.)

That left Klepper with few MAGA heads to engage with, but he found at least three. He chatted with one gentleman who refused to acknowledge that Joe Biden is literally the president, even claiming there were no pictures or videos of him entering or leaving the White House. (That is untrue.) Another referred to Michelle Obama as “Michael.”

One protester, his face mostly concealed, argued that it was all “political,” and that no one else has been charged for the Stormy Daniels hush money. Klepper pointed out that they did by imprisoning Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. The person argued that that should mean no one else should be charged with the same crime. As for Trump allegedly cheating on his current wife with a porn star a decade and a half ago, the man said, “Listen…we men!”

You can watch Klepper’s latest segment in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)