Yet Another Monolith Was Found In San Francisco On Christmas Day, This One Made Of Gingerbread

On some Christmas Days you get a present you weren’t expecting. That’s what happened to San Franciscans when they awoke on Friday, only to discover that they were the latest place to be gifted with a giant, mysterious monolith, which have over the last month and change appeared in Utah, Romania, and Atascadero, California. The big difference: This one was made of gingerbread.

AB7 in Los Angeles reports that the monolith appeared first thing in the morning at the top of Corona Heights Park, in the very heart of the California metropolis. Not only was it made of the holiday foodstuff, but it was also decked out in frosting.

No one has yet to claim responsibility for the monolith, nor is it known if it is connected to past monoliths, which have thus far been made of metal. The monoliths in 2001: A Space Odyssey, meanwhile, appear to be made of some kind of stone. What’s more they appear to be able to trigger a massive evolutionary leap, whereas these monoliths simply trend on social media.

When local station KQED reached out to Corona’s Recreation and Parks Department, they were told they was no rush to remove the monument. “Looks like a great spot to get baked,” General Manager Phil Ginsburg said. “We will leave it up until the cookie crumbles.”

(Via ABC7 and KQED)

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