A Third Mysterious Monolith Was Found And Destroyed And People Are Starting To Get Suspicious

Things are getting weird on the monolith front, which means many people no longer think it’s actually aliens or something that may end life as we know it on earth. A third monolith has been found, the second one found in America in the last few weeks, and this time the reaction from the general public has been very different.

The first monolith found in the Utah desert shortly before Thanksgiving had already vanished when a second, scuffed up version was discovered in Romania. Reaction to the news that a third one was found in California this week, however, led to violence against the art installation/marketing scheme/ancient artifact intent to spell doom for humanity. And it’s already led to some copycats.

But, more importantly, many people seem to be dreading whatever the truth behind these metal structures actually is.

As the old saying goes: The first time you stumble upon a monolith is a mystery. A second time is a trend and a third time is probably a marketing campaign.

Perhaps the reason so many people are skeptical is, well, they’ve seen this kind of thing fall flat before. And they’ve also watched as countless companies have tried to springboard off the viral attention for their own marketing purposes.

Netflix marketing stunt was a popular answer as speculation about the third structure grew.

But just as quickly as the third mysterious monolith appeared, it was gone.

According to Vice, that’s because men attacked it and knocked it down while chanting “Christ is king” among other things.

In a way, it’s very fitting that this quickly went from a unique curiosity to something that spirals out of control in a matter of days. We’ve gone from bighorn sheep scouting to evangelical lunatics toppling what might be a marketing campaign near a California hiking trail in the middle of a pandemic in a matter of days. It would be a new record if not for, well, everything else that’s already happened in 2020.

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