Another Monolith Was Apparently Found In Romania After The One In Utah Mysteriously Disappeared

The monolith plot has officially thickened on Monday, as another mysterious structure has appeared on the other side of the world from where the first one was discovered in the Utah desert.

If you’re just catching up on the monolith talk, Thanksgiving week featured some bewildered members of the Utah Bureau of Land Management who stumbled on a reflective metal tower in the middle of the Utah desert. The group that was scouting some bighorn rams found and documented the monument, then shared the news on a post on the government agency’s website.

Things got weird over the weekend, however, when the structure disappeared as mysteriously as it was discovered. And in what may be the final endgame of the weirdest year on record, a second monolith reportedly surfaced near a significant ancient site in Romania.

The Daily Mail reported on Monday that a new monolith was discovered, while Vice points out that this one appears to be different than the first one now missing from Utah:

This one has what look to be deliberate loop-de-loop scribbles scratched on its entire face and stands at about the same height as its Utah twin. The European monolith is only a few feet away from where an ancient Dacian fortress once stood, according to The Daily Mail.

It doesn’t appear that it’s the same monolith that was taken from Utah and dropped in Romania. It may, however, be more evidence that the works are part of artist John McCracken, who died in 2011 but according to some reports hoped to leave works behind for people to discover well after his death.

Hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of the end of the world, but in that case you’ll probably see it happen in real life, not in a news story online.