The Man Who Sued Gwyneth Paltrow And Lost Said The Lawsuit Was ‘Absolutely Not’ Worth It

While a certain former U.S. president suffered a landmark legal headache last week, the opposite happened to an entrepreneur whose businesses never had to file for bankruptcy. After a nine-day trial, Gwyneth Paltrow won her ski collision case, which had been brought upon her by a retired optometrist. Now that it’s over, that man is having some regrets.

As caught by HuffPost, Terry Sanderson, who had sought some $3 million in damages after claiming he’d been hit by Paltrow on a Park City, Utah ski slope back in 2016, was confronted by reporters hoping to find his thoughts on losing a high-profile case. He was of course “very disappointed by the verdict,” though he’ll only have to pay Paltrow a mere $1 in damages.

When asked if he thought bringing a mega-celebrity to trial was worth it, he replied, “Absolutely not.”

Sanderson also mused about how this will affect his life on dating sites, which he had discussed during the trial. “It’s like, I’m going to be on the internet forever,” he realized.

He was also shot down an offer from Extra host Billy Bush about going on a reality show, saying, “I don’t need that.”

Still, there’s no hard feelings against Paltrow, who quietly said something to him at the trial’s conclusion, which was later revealed to be “I wish you well.” Sanderson called her “very kind” for doing that.

You can watch Sanderson speak to the press below.

(Via HuffPost)