Gwyneth Paltrow Has Won That Ski Collision Case, Earning Her A Whopping $1 In Damages

The modern age has no shortage of wackadoodle celebrity trials. But compared to the ones involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard or the ones featuring Alex Jones, the one with Gwyneth Paltrow was over and done with relatively quickly, with only occasional and very minor fireworks. It only lasted a mere nine days, too, and it ended in Paltrow’s favor. What’s more, she’s a whole one dollar richer.

As per CNN, a Utah jury found Paltrow not guilty of colliding with a retired optometrist back in 2016. Terry Sanderson, the plaintiff, had accused the Oscar-winning actress and entrepreneur of running into her while skiing on the slopes of Park City, Utah. Sanderson claimed that as a result of the incident, he had suffered lasting injuries, incuding to the brain.

Paltrow, meanwhile, testified that it was Sanderson who ran into her, claiming she was downslope from him, not the other way around.

A jury agreed with Paltrow, perhaps in part because Sanderson’s witness, a neurologist, all but blew up his case by admitting that a skier would have had to be going 50 to 60 miles per hour to deliver the blow he claimed, something only an Olympic athlete could have done. Paltrow, meanwhile, was in the midst of skiing lessons.

Sanderson was seeking $3.2 million. Paltrow only sought a measly $1, which she’ll presumably get.

And so ends a minor addition to the world of celebrity trials, which had its share of oddball moments, from the Taylor Swift cameo to some perhaps unwanted words of encouragement from no less than O.J. Simpson. This time next week all anyone may remember about it is Paltrow’s looks.

(Via CNN)