Marjorie Taylor Greene Bizarrely Responded To A Decade-Old Dr. Oz Tweet While Demanding That He Leave Switzerland

Dr. Oz has things cut out for him right now. Not only is he losing ground to “ultra-MAGA” rival Kathy Barnette in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate race, but now Marjorie Taylor Greene is berating him over being in Switzerland a week before election day.

Spoiler Alert: Mehmet Oz is not in Switzerland, but he was there a decade ago. And for whatever reason, Greene believes that he’s there and needs to get his butt back in the U.S. to serve the GOP. Greene is undoubtedly riding high on being able to stay on her reelection ballot despite apparently lying (a lot) under oath. Sure, a veteran recently confronted her over “craziness,” but she will not be deterred. She’s also going to tweet wildly at Dr. Oz’s Edible-Face despite not realizing that she’s responding to a 2012 tweet (referring to his time at Davos’ Economic Forum).

“What are you doing there?” she tweeted as revealed in a screencap from federal attorney Ron Filipkowski. “[Y]eah Switzerland is a beautiful country, but joining the Economic Forum is 100% AGAINST America First. You should board a plane asap and come back home. Talk to REAL Americans and learn what serving THEM in the U.S. Senate would mean IF they elect you.”

I mean, does anyone else want to tell her? Nope, and maybe we should all make like this Twitter user and pretend like it’s 2012, too.

In case you do want to stay in 2022, here’s a video clip of Greene berating another reporter because he dared to ask about the Russia-Ukraine war.