Howard Stern Has A Suggestion For The Supreme Court Justices Who Are Overturning Roe V. Wade

Howard Stern has a headline-making take on every hot-button topic lately. When he came (armed with profanity) for Joe Rogan’s vaccine skepticism, this ignited a rivalry between Stern’s audience and Rogan’s rabid fanbase. Will there now be a rivalry between Stern followers and the SCOTUSBlog readers? Not likely, although the blog did post Chief Justice John Robert’s disapproving acknowledgement of the leaked memo — revealing that the court is set to overturn Roe V. Wade — and Stern’s tearing into those 5 conservative justices who want to pave the way for states outlawing abortion.

Make no mistake, some states are keen to make this happen. Texas led the extreme way by effectively putting a bounty upon anyone who assists a woman in getting the (medical) procedure, and the Ohio legislature is currently drafting a bill that will likewise eliminate exceptions for rape and incest. Via Mediaite, Stern’s response to this ongoing madness laid out some realities on how women’s bodily autonomy is viewed:

“If guys got raped and pregnant, there’d be abortions available on every corner. Every street corner a different clinic that would take care of the problem. How women would vote for this agenda is beyond me. Who the hell wants to carry a baby that you do not want? And again, the people who carry these babies who don’t want them don’t raise these kids and then we’re stuck with them.”

Stern then declared (from a perspective not unlike that of George Carlin) that pro-Lifers are anything but pro-Life after the child is born. “The people who are anti-abortion, they don’t give to charity, they don’t raise these kids. I don’t know who they think is going to raise them,” he declared. And Stern has an idea on who should raise those children:

“All the unwanted children should be allowed to live at the Supreme Court building with those Justices and they should raise every one of those babies. That crackpot Clarence Thomas and that wife and all of them. They can raise those babies that they want.”

Watching robed justices chasing after toddlers sounds like an SNL skit, but it’s also awfully sobering to think about it at all. The 2016 presidential election results keep on hitting back, even in 2022.

(Via Mediaite)