Ice-T Has A Suggestion For The ‘Kinda Dope’ Thing That Elon Musk Could Do With Twitter

Earlier this month, Elon Musk started flexing his billionaire wallet with a bid (to buy Twitter) that didn’t immediately go well. All appeared to be shut down, and amid news that Hulu will soon premiere a New York Times exposé about Tesla autopilot crashes, Elon got what he wanted from social media. CNN reports that Twitter went ahead and accepted a cash offer from Musk, who’s said to have lined up $44 billion for the deal.

All of this took place within the same month of Elon buying up 11% in Twitter shares and sparring with a Saudi prince and then deciding/not-deciding to sit on the board. Musk celebrated his purchase with a statement, in which he praised Twitter’s “tremendous potential” and further declared, “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

Yes, that’s a lot. And everywhere on Twitter, people are alternately thrilled and upset, depending on whether they think the platform will go downhill in a deluge of trolls or (somehow) improve. Well, let’s just say that there’s at least one person who isn’t stressed over it, and that would be Ice-T. Don’t talk to him about the Oscars, but feel free to consider what he thinks Elon could do: “It would kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut it off.”

Ice also offered up a “For the Record” statement, just so no one interprets what he’s saying in a political way. “I’m not on the Left or the Right,” he wrote. “Red or the Blue.. That’s Gang Bangin if you ask me… #Politricks.”

One could safely guess, however, that Ice-T wouldn’t be upset if he got that “edit” button that he’s wanted for years. Fingers crossed!