Do Not, I Repeat, *Do Not* Ask Ice-T About That Fiasco At The Oscars

It’s been a long week of Oscar-fiasco talk. It’s not over yet, either, despite Daniel Radcliffe recently telling everyone that he was “dramatically bored” with hearing about Will Smith hauling off and smacking Chris Rock. And even though there have been some entertaining takes otherwise (like noted hothead Alec Baldwin referencing the Jerry Springer Show) it’s also quite something to hear people say that they’re tired of hearing about it and need a little break.

Or at least, don’t ask about it if you’re talking to Ice-T. The no-nonsense SVU star has had enough. In fact, he’s fed up with the subject: “I’m Smackin the Sh*t outta the next MF that asks me about the Oscars….”

That’s an understandable sentiment, especially since Rock himself isn’t talking much and continue to process the incident. The discussion will no doubt continue, but if you need a distraction, perhaps reading Ice-T’s takes on Russia-Ukraine and gas prices are enough to get you going. Or you can read the below tweets, where he’s discussing how car prices are astronomical lately, even without taking inflation into account.

Yep, it’s almost the weekend, and hopefully, everyone will be able to take a load off, but in the meantime, Ice has something else to say…