IHOP Is Changing Its Name To ‘IHOb’ And The Internet Is Trying To Figure Out What It Means

06.06.18 1 year ago 16 Comments

IHOP on Twitter

The International House of Pancakes is rebranding, but no one is quite sure what it means just yet. The breakfast destination is changing the last letter of its familiar acronym, and many are speculating that a new menu item is a reason for the switch.

On Monday, the flapjack emporium’s Twitter account announced it would be “flipping” its name to IHOb, complete with a graphic doing just that and teasing more information about the change on June 11.

But a lack of explanation begat speculation: what’s the B stand for? “Breakfast” seems a bit too obvious, and also would make the company lose the identity it gets associated with its iconic menu item. And anyway, it’s not like anyone goes to an IHOP assuming you can only order pancakes. That’s not a sound business model at all!

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