You Can Get 59-Cent Pancakes At IHOP Right Now


Pancakes are one of the best breakfast foods ever invented. They’re easy to make, stackable and are perfectly paired with a dollop of butter and a generous slathering of maple syrup. And if you have a healthy morning appetite, you can eat a pile of pancakes as tall as ‘ol Abe Lincoln’s stovepipe hat. Pair them with sausage or bacon and you have the makings of a perfect day. The only thing better than a pile of pancakes is a pile of cheap pancakes. And today, just might be your lucky day because you can get a stack of pancakes for less than a dollar at your neighborhood IHOP.

Visit any US location today between 7am and 7pm to get a short stack of pancakes for only 59 cents. That might seem like a really strange number, but it’s because the famous pancake house chain is celebrating its 59th birthday today. “While 59 may seem like an odd, in-between year to commemorate, at IHOP we believe that every moment is worth celebrating, and that every party is better with hot, freshly-made pancakes,” Alisa Gmelich, Vice President of Marketing for IHOP said in a press release.

Obviously, when most people think of birthdays, the first food they think of is regular cake not pancakes. But this is IHOP so it only makes sense that the chain would celebrate with pancakes instead of an ice cream, cheesecake, or carrot cake. Plus, you might not have noticed but pancakes are technically still cakes so they aren’t breaking any unwritten birthday rules. Maybe this is the beginning of people putting candles in the middle of a stack of pancakes to celebrate loved ones’ birthdays. It’s a lot easier than spending a whole day making an elaborate layer cake only to have it gobbles up by partygoers in mere minutes. Plus, chocolate chip pancakes are awesome.