IHOP And Applebee’s Are Opening A Combo Restaurant And People Have Opinions

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Here at UPROXX, we pass no judgement when it comes to unlikely dining alliances. Let your culinary freak flag fly and gorge on what makes you happy. If that means starting your new life in a booth at an IHOP/Applebee’s combo location, may your gut be filled with fried apps and your eyes glued to the wildest fights on the planet.

The Detroit Free Press has revealed that such a tag-team restaurant is headed to the Motor City in late 2017. The pairing seems like a natural (well, as natural as these things go) evolution from the companies merging in 2007. It’s also a further evolution of the International House of Pancakes really stretching on the whole “International” part of their name and buddying up with one of the most American-y eateries out there.

On strange element to the news is that there’s no real confirmation on what the menu would be like. Presumably ordering pancakes at night and abusing skillet privileges during the morning would be the sweet spot, although the Free Press notes that it’s a TBD sort of situation.

As you might expect, reactions to this promised/threatened 300 seat experiment have been a bit all over the place. Joy! Confusion! Concern!

Are you happy with this development? Weigh in with your take in the comments and have a think about how this could soon be morphed into a suburban juggernaut coming to your state.

(Via Detroit Free Press)