James Carville Thinks Republican Candidates Are More ‘Stupid’ Than Ever Because ‘A Lot Of Stupid People’ Vote In GOP Primaries

Political commentator James Carville was in full “no f*cks given” mode during a recent appearance on MSNBC where he blasted GOP candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former NFL player Herschel Walker as “low-quality, stupid people.”

Carville came on to discuss the lead-up to key Republican races this November, weighing primary wins and whose poised to be a big talking point for the GOP in the months to come. Walker and DeSantis naturally made the list. One has been in the news for an abortion controversy that threatens his pro-life, conservative Christian base. The other has made headlines for shipping immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and exploiting natural disasters for photo ops. Neither are cream of the crop material, but they’re the best the GOP is putting forward right now and Carville is gleefully celebrating that development on national TV whenever he can.

“They have a lot of stupid people that vote in their primaries,” Carville said when asked about the dismal pool of candidates including Blake Masters and Mehmet Oz. “You’re not supposed to say that but it’s an obvious fact. When stupid people vote, do you know who they nominate? Other stupid people. The Republicans have a problem. They’ve got very low-quality people that vote in their primaries and they produce, predictably, very low-quality candidates.”

Carville had even worse insults to lob at DeSantis though, who he thinks is doing a spectacularly terrible job at handling the fallout from Hurricane Ian.

“Suspend your toilet patrols of who’s using which bathroom because none of the toilets are working in Southwest Florida. They’re all backed up,” Carville said. “Forget about Martha’s Vineyard, hire a bunch of buses, go to El Paso, Laredo, Mexicali, and put a sign up that says, ‘We need workers.’ Stop all the stunts you’re doing. You’re going to need immigrants to deal with this. He doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his rear.”

Watch the full takedown below: