James Carville Wants Steve Bannon Locked Up ASAP, But Feels Sorry For His Future Cellmate: ‘You Can Imagine What That Guy Smells Like?’

James Carville has never been known as a wishy-washy, sentimental kind of guy. But while being interviewed by MSNBC, he admitted that he feels sort of sorry that Steve Bannon might be carted off to jail. Not for Donald Trump’s former White House chief strategist and senior counselor, mind you—but for the poor guy who has to share a cell with him.

When asked about Bannon being held in criminal contempt over his unwillingness to appear before the January 6th committee, Carville didn’t mince words:

“Just take Bannon, and throw him in jail. The only person I feel sorry for is his cell mate. You can imagine what that guy smells like. Jeez. But that’s their problem… You don’t need to fool with these people. If they don’t comply then, Merrick Garland, lock them up.”

Bannon wasn’t the only Trump crony Carville had some harsh words for—he had some thoughts on Jim Jordan, too:

“You’ve got Jim Jordan, who knew this pervert wrestling coach and never said a word about it. And he doesn’t remember he talked to the president. That committee has all the records; they know what’s going on. Liz Cheney said that Steve Bannon was involved in the planning of this and probably Trump was. I’m not surprised Jim Vaughn wants to stop this because he’s got his hands all over this mess, too. But that committee is moving ahead. And if Bannon doesn’t go, Merrick Garland’s got to lock him up pronto.”

(Via @Acyn)