Trump Is So Very Mad That U.S. Marshals May Soon Be Hunting Down Steve Bannon For Ignoring The Jan 6th Committee’s Subpoena

Given his advancing age, it’s unlikely that there will ever come a day when Donald Trump realizes that the real world and the world as the former president sees it don’t have a whole lot in common. In the septuagenarian’s mind, simply uttering a sentence out loud for someone else to hear should make it true, i.e. “The 2020 presidential was rigged.”

So when Trump told Steve Bannon and a handful of other confidantes who could help shed some light on the role the then-president might have played in the Capitol insurrection to ignore any subpoenas they might receive from the January 6th committee—and that his executive privilege, which Biden has revoked, would give them cover—he expected that no one would dare beg to differ. But differ they have. And on Tuesday evening, the committee unanimously voted yes to holding Bannon in criminal contempt for not complying with their requests to meet with them. And Trump is pissed!

As Raw Story reports, just hours before that decision was made, Trump had a wee bit of a meltdown—via an official statement, which was then shared to Twitter by Liz Harrington, his spokeswoman, because a 75-year-old former president can’t be trusted to use a public social media network responsibly. While he didn’t mention Bannon by name, the reason for his attack on the “unselect committee” was not lost on anyone:

“The fake, highly partisan Unselect Committee continues to rock and roll. They were unable to make a deal with Kevin McCarthy to put real Republicans on the Committee, so they got stuck with low-polling warmonger Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger who have no idea what our Party stands for. Cheney is polling in the low 20’s in Wyoming, the State she doesn’t represent. This is just a continuation of the Witch Hunt which started with the now fully debunked and discredited Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, quickly reverting to a perfect phone call with Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and now this. The Unselect Committee is composed of absolute political hacks who want to destroy the Republican Party and are decimating America itself. I am the only thing in their way. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

We await today’s even more frantic statement with bated breath.

(Via Raw Story)