Jason Momoa’s On-Set Playlists (And A Dance Party) Will Give You Total Friday Vibes

Jason Momoa’s boundless enthusiasm would be legendary at this point, but I’ve witnessed it in person and can vouch for its realness. At any given moment (on set or off), he’s either rocking out to Metallica or cracking Vin Diesel up by doing his best “Whitesnake” atop the hood of a car. So, it’s no wonder that Momoa likes to turn up with on-set playlists to stay lively. I do like to imagine that some “Hello darkness, my old friend” will eventually surface for Ben Affleck on a James Gunn set, but for Netflix’s Slumberland, his playlist was a 1980s extravaganza with some Dua Lipa sprinkled on top, as he recently told Entertainment Tonight:

“We had a dance to Dua Lipa. It was a bunch of ’80s on set. We had some Pat Benatar. We had some Def Leppard, had some Mötley Crüe. Billy Idol.”

Momoa, who also said he was jamming out to the 1982 classic “Come On Eileen,” is so big on playlists for every one of his sets that even Apple Music put out the playlist for his AppleTV+ series, See, and, naturally, the playlist features some of his favorite bands, including Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You can listen to that See playlist over on Apple music, and of course he kept the energy up while shooting a somewhat gloomy, post-apocalyptic action drama set in a world where no one can see him. Fortunately, everyone is able to see this Dua Lipa-esque dance lesson from the Slumberland set. He’s being coached by Lola, his daughter with Lisa Bonet. More big TGIF vibes here: