Nobody Did More To Speak To Humanity On Earth Day Than Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa must have finally recovered from “f*cker” Michael Bay making him cry (twice) during Ambulance because the See front man was back in form for Earth Day. And nobody does Earth Day like Momoa. This is to be expected, given his general level of enthusiasm and how he treats causes that are near and dear to him (he even faux-threatened to pause Aquaman 2 to halt construction on a sacred Hawaiian mountain). And in case you missed how he addressed Earth Day this year, you are in for a treat.

Momoa, who has been reported to be spending time in a tricked-out RV after splitting from Lisa Bonet, shot a highly entertaining video in a Sprouts parking lot while championing the need to “unplastic the sh*t out of this planet.” He pretended to awaken, gave himself a makeshift shower, brushed his teeth, and declared, “I know I normally don’t look like someone who smells good.” (Spoiler Alert: He smells just fine in person.) Then came the slow-mo deodorant application with the obligatory utterance: “Oh yeah, good tight shot of my armpits.”

Yes, Momoa put his hair in a towel and donned a bathrobe before taking grocery aisles by storm. And yes, he wreaked havoc. If you need joy in your life today, then watch this:

Now, I hear what you’re saying. Perhaps I’m exaggerating because Momoa’s not a full-time activist, but seriously, he entertained while spreading a much needed message. He also seemed to do it all without plastic, so good on ya, Momoa. And since these two are self-professed brothers, you might be wondering what Lenny Kravitz posted on Earth Day. Here you go, and every day is Earth Day for Lenny.