Lenny Kravitz And Jason Momoa’s ‘Ride Or Die’ Photo Has Gone Over Very Well With Zoe Kravitz

No one, it seems, but Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet knows what’s really going on with their relationship. They announced plans to divorce earlier this year while stressing (within their joint statement) that they’d grown apart, yet rumors of a reconciliation have persisted with Jason recently shining some vague light on the situation but nothing definitive. He apparently set up in a tricked-out RV, but over the weekend, the tabloid talk began afresh, and again, yeah, no one can say for sure.

However, there’s no signs of ambiguity to be found in one relationship — that of Jason and the other ex-Mr. Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz. Over the weekend, Lenny wanted everyone to know that he and Jason are still going strong, and there’s no stopping them, ever. “Ride or die. Brothers for life,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

Oh yes, Momoa was there, too. “[L]ove u bro. ohana fo life,” he responded with two heart emoji.

And Zoe Kravitz saw this and decided to weigh in without any “oh, Dads” to be found. “[W]ell isn’t this just adorable. love you both so much,” The Batman actress added.

Thank freaking god. At least we’ve got one constant in life, but Lenny might wanna watch out, at least a little bit. There’s another bro moving in on his territory, and that’s Channing Tatum, who’s dating Zoe. It sure looks like Channing and Jason enjoy rocking on together, but still, no one in the universe can be as effortlessly cool as Lenny. (Channing seems to know this, too, FWIW.)