Jason Momoa Is Apparently Living In A $750K RV Post-Breakup, Of Course

After a breakup, most people do something silly like get bangs or take up a new hobby, like knitting. Not Aquaman, who was recently spotted living in an elaborate camper van.

Jason Momoa has been reportedly living in a (very expensive) RV earlier this week. Page Six reports the black camper van cost $750,000, which sits outside a friend’s house, near the home where Momoa and Lisa Bonet were living with their two kids.

The couple shocked fans after announcing their split earlier this year, after nearly 17 years together. They wed at an exclusive ceremony in 2017. The duo have two teenagers, plus Momoa’s stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz, from Bonet’s marriage with Lenny Kravtiz. The pair’s top priority is still to raise their kids as best they can, despite the split.

It’s nice to see that Momoa is still remaining close to his kids. In a trailer, no less. But, you think he could afford, say, another house? But if you are going to live in a trailer, a $750k one is probably a pretty swanky place to live.

But this leads us to the most important question…where does self-proclaimed bath-lover Momoa bathe when living in an RV?? And how will he continue to eat his elaborate breakfasts? Some things we may never know.