Jay And Silent Bob Think They Know (Or Do They?) Who Batman And Wonder Woman Would Vote For

By now we’ve been inundated — in a good way! — with celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Michael Keaton, making videos and tweets and other forms of content, trying to get out the vote. A lot of made them clear who they think you should vote for. But the important part has been making sure you’re exercising your civic rights in the first place. Even fictional characters are getting in on the act. As caught by, Jay and Silent Bob — the dynamic duo first embodied by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in the 1994 no-budget smash Clerks — have released a video where they wildly speculate how other characters would vote if they could.

“We know you hate when famous people tell you who to vote for. But we’re not famous. We are fictional,” said Mewes’ Jay as his partner remained quiet, as is his wont. “We know how fake people think. So if you wanna know who your favorite fictional characters would pick for President, just ask me and Silent Bob.”

Being part-time comic book characters created by one of the world’s biggest comic book nerds, they mostly stuck to superheroes. “Who do you think Batman would vote for?” Jay wondered. That one’s not so obvious. “Yes, he’s a billionaire, an actual billionaire, so we think he would like those tax cuts. But we know he doesn’t like Jokers!”

Wonder Woman, though, is pretty clear-cut: “whoever doesn’t want to control her uterus,” Jay said.

There were a fair amount of puns. Spider-Men Miles Morales and Peter Parker need to get out and vote because, as Jay puts it, “in those swing states.” (They don’t, actually, both being New Yorkers.) He points out Black Panther can’t vote, being a king (and of a far-off land).

The two included some non-comic book figures, too, including Jaws the shark (“We’re gonna need a bigger vote”), Harry Potter (“He’s from England. Plus he’s a kid”). But by the end, they made sure their fans were thinking about the real world, not just the Marvel-verse and what have you. “Don’t be a fictional character, use your voice to vote.”

You can watch Jay and Silent Bob’s video in the tweet above.