Michael Keaton Returns With One Final Set Of ‘Batman’ Vibes Before The Election: ‘Be The Hero’

Michael Keaton is back with another message for his home state of Pennsylvania as it continues to be a tense battleground for the presidential election, prompting Donald Trump to make several campaign stops across the Keystone State in the past week. In the latest video, Keaton dons a Pittsburgh Steelers cap as he gives his best game-winning pep talk to urge Pennsylvanians to vote for Joe Biden and end Trump’s presidency once and for all.

“It’s come down to us. We get the chance to be the hero right now,” Keaton says in the new endorsement video. “Don’t just do it for Joe and Kamala. Do it for your little brother, your little sister. Do it for the next generation. Do it for the environment. For justice, for equality. And just to end this insane chaos. Four more years of that, I don’t think so.”

You watch Keaton’s full endorsement video below:

Keaton has been pulling out all of the stops for Biden’s campaign. In the final weeks of October, the actor released a viral video endorsing Biden, and while he knows the average PA citizen doesn’t want to hear a celebrity talk about politics, Keaton brought out the big guns to make his case: “Let’s be honest, I’m frickin’ Batman.” In an interview with Pittsburgh’s Action News 4, Keaton revealed his reason for campaigning so hard in Western PA where the actor grew up.

“All bets are off. This is too important, this election.” Keaton said before deferring to the experts in the room. “Really listen to scientists, really listen to teachers. Really listen to people who know more than I know. But if I can do anything, I feel it’s my responsibility to do a little something.”

(Via Michael Keaton on Twitter)