Jeffrey Dean Morgan Showed Of His Perfect ‘F*ckity F*ck F*ck’ Gift From A ‘Lovely Lady’ After Wrapping ‘The Boys’

The Boys showrunner had a Supernatural reunion with Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy on The Boys‘ third season, and for Season 4, it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s turn. Mind you, Morgan has been quite busy with being Negan on AMC’s upcoming The Walking Dead: Dead City spinoff, so it’s understood that Morgan’s Amazon Prime role is a smallish one, but it’s happening. This is also a a mystery part, and Amazon had a ball with a janky photoshop to mess with fans, but as of last week, Season 4 is a wrap.

Morgan now has a little bit of spare time to post random things on Twitter, where he shared a gift from, well, somebody. He’s not clear who gave him this sweet bracelet. A fan, a friend, his wife, Hilarie Burton? No one knows. It’s a pretty rad gift, though.

“Shoutout to the lovely lady that gave me this bracelet yesterday… thank you,” Morgan tweeted. “It says “fuckity fuck fuck” in Morse code. Perfect. Xojd.”

The Amazon Prime UK account was happy to take the p*ss, as Billy Butcher would probably say: “how did she know your first line in The Boys season 4 already?!”

One can only hope. And speaking of Butcher, Karl Urban snuck in a fast one last week. As he noted his inability to “post any photos from the set,” he decided to share a photo of himself with a presumably costumed Morgan “on the set of a Cadillac commercial.” Slick.

Currently, The Boys has no official Season 4 release date. However, AMC’s The Walking Dead: Dead City, co-starring Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhees, will premiere on June 18.