Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Miss An Opportunity To Bring Up Ben’s Grumpy Grammys Face When The Time Was Right

Jennifer Lopez returned to the scene of the (expression) crime several days after Ben Affleck’s Grammys Grump Face. That’s quite a sentence that would still make sense to anyone who’s heard about (or even watched) Ben’s “miserable” appearance during one of music’s biggest nights of the year. One of the most recent entries in this saga is that JLo apparently showed Ben the live memes of his face, which only made him look more exasperated. This adds to his general Sad Batman vibe that has proliferated every time the paparazzi catch him looking pained during his Dunkin’ coffee runs that actually bring him much joy.

Despite appearances of a tense exchange during the show, JLo has shone light on the claim that Ben was simply exhausted as a homebody and someone who’s been working his butt off lately. To that end, she took to Instagram to post the trailer for Air, the movie directed by Ben and in which he plays Nike co-founder Philip Knight, who really wants to sign Michael Jordan.

Jo’s inner-trailer caption: “my husband’s happy face.” “AIR … cannot wait! she also wrote.

That sense of humor no doubt does both JLo and Ben well, which shouldn’t be any surprising, considering that they’ve overcome Gigli.