Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Star As Nike Bosses Looking To Sign Michael Jordan In The ‘Air’ Trailer

We were previously told that Air, the new sports drama from BFFs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon would be getting a lot of Amazon’s money and resources, but we weren’t told that all of the money would be going to fund Jason Bateman and Affleck’s luscious 1984-era hair pieces. But today, fans were finally given a glimpse at the star-studded movie, which is based on the very real story of Nike exec Sonny Vaccaro.

Air stars Damon as Vaccaro, the sneaker salesman who sets out to sign Michael Jordan to his first sneaker deal in the NBA. The cast also includes Affleck as Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Jason Bateman as Nike exec Rob Strasser, in addition to Chris Messina, Matthew Maher, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker, Viola Davis, Gustaf Skarsgård, and Julius Tennon. Most importantly, we are getting some prime Affleck facial performances, just in the first trailer alone. Imagine what the actual movie will bring!

Ben Affleck
Amazon Studios

The sports drama will head to over 3,000 theaters on April 5th, before launching on Prime Video shortly after. To promote the film, Amazon shelled out a modest $7 million on an ad expected to this weekend run during the Super Bowl, where everyone will already have sports on the brain.

Check out the trailer above.