Jeremy Allen White Has Agreed To Frequent Alcohol Testing Amid His Divorce Negotiations With Addison Timlin

Earlier this year, actress Addison Timlin filed for divorce from The Bear and Shameless star Jeremy Allen White. The pair had been high school sweethearts and married for three years. They now share two daughters, and as everyone is aware, custody situations can get contentious. However, a point of conflict has apparently been nipped in the bud, according to TMZ, which reports that Addison and Jeremy will share joint physical and legal custody with a catch. In order to do so, Jeremy has agreed to frequent alcohol testing along with a support program.

Jeremy has agreed to be tested several (“up to five”) times per week in order to maintain custody, and it sounds like there is zero tolerance for slip-ups (“when he has custody”) in this agreement. From TMZ:

If Jeremy has a positive test for alcohol, he gets to retest again 15 minutes later to make sure the test is accurate.

The docs say Jeremy and Addison agreed to share joint physical and legal custody … but Jeremy’s custodial time has strings attached, and he’s also got to attend at least one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting a week, plus other therapy.

Those who have followed White’s career know that he portrayed the alcoholic Lip Gallagher on Shameless, and he subsequently shot to coveted actor status after The Bear‘s popular and acclaimed first season. He thanked Addison while accepting a Golden Globe, and she gushed over his performance. Following that success, White found himself as the sudden recipient of several A24 scripts. He will soon be seen in The Iron Claw, which is sure to feature another intense and heavy performance, but it sounds like on the personal front, he’s committed to keeping things steady and drama free.

(Via TMZ)