Jesse Watters Slammed Biden For Using A Straw To Drink A Milkshake (Seriously) But Somehow Forgot That Trump Drinks From Straws Because He’s Terrified Of Germs

Fox News host Jesse Watters thinks real men should be triggered by straws.

The network’s discount Tucker Carlson dedicated a ridiculous amount of time to slamming President Joe Biden during a recent segment of his show — not for mocking a fellow Fox News reporter by calling him “stupid” but for his “effeminate” method of consuming milkshakes. According to Watters, clips of Biden sipping through a plastic straw were so insulting to his own fragile masculinity, that he felt the need to construct a PSA warning “manly” men against the innocuous drinking tool.

“Some things we just can’t let slide. Joe Biden used a straw,” Watter began, referencing the president’s Thanksgiving trip to Nantucket. “Now, if you’ve seen me on The Five or on prime time, you’ll know I recommend that all men refrain from using straws. It’s unbecoming the way a man’s lips purse. The size of the straw is just too dainty. The way your fingers clasp on it. No, come on. Straws are for women and little kids.”

It’s a bizarre stance, especially for someone whose hero — Donald Trump — has admitted to being such a germaphobe that he refuses to put lips to glass, preferring a straw when drinking everything from a can of Diet Coke to a black-tie beverage. MSNBC seemed to think so too, sharing a TikTok of Watters comments before flashing to evidence that the host himself regularly uses straws when he frequents fast food eateries.

But perhaps Watters’ real gripe isn’t with the straw itself, but rather, its size. After all, he once hosted a 24-hour science experiment on The Five to test the flavor of an eco-friendly product called Boss Straws whose tubes have a wider girth, allowing tough men like him to wrap his whole mouth around it.