A Fox Meteorologist Accidentally Drew A Huge Penis And Testicles Included While Tracking Hurricane Ian

As of Wednesday morning, Hurricane Ian had strengthened to a Category 4 (or possibly category 5) hurricane as it makes its way toward Florida’s west coast. And according to meteorologist and hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross, it looks an awful lot like a dick.

On Sunday morning, as Mediaite reported, Norcross predicted the path of the storm for Fox Weather viewers and, while doing so, inadvertently turned the state of Florida into a giant penis, complete with testicles. If Norcross even noticed what he had drawn while explaining the concept of the “cone of uncertainty,” he didn’t let on — nor should he have, as there’s obviously nothing funny about a potentially deadly hurricane making landfall. But the unsolicited weather wang did bring some much-needed levity to the reports.

As Mediaite noted, Miami-based Norcross is a well-respected hurricane expert who many Floridians credit with saving lives. “As Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida in 1992, the mild-mannered weather man stayed on the air for 22 hours straight to keep people safe and informed,” wrote Mediaite’s Kipp Jones, who also pointed to a New York Times article about the weatherman titled “Storm Blows a New Hero Into Town,” which explained:

In 22 consecutive hours on the air, simultaneously broadcast on television and radio, Mr. Norcross, with no real competition, talked South Florida through Hurricane Andrew on Aug. 23 and 24. People with collapsing roofs knew to huddle in bathtubs with mattresses over their heads only because Mr. Norcross told them to. And as they hid there, his voice, never before considered even faintly mellifluous, soothed them through a fearful night.

(Via Mediaite)