Joe Rogan’s Most Recent Podcast Guest And The Lack Of Questions About His Past Have Raised Some Eyebrows

If you follow the Joe Rogan Experience, even in a passive way, you’ll know how often the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein comes up. You can simply Google “Joe Rogan Experience Jeffrey Epstein” and pages of clips of Rogan and different guests spanning dozens of episodes will pop up. If you listen to Rogan a little more closely, you’ll also know whenever Epstein does come up, the infamous “Lolita Express” comes up too (Epstein’s private plane). Rogan usually brings it up in relation to former President Bill Clinton by saying (while emphasizing every single syllable), “Bill Clinton rode the Lolita Express no less than 26 times.” (Worth noting, Rogan rarely brings up how many times current President Donald Trump was on that very same plane.)

Which makes this week’s guest a curious pick for the podcast host. Rogan welcomed famed Los Angeles steakhouse chef Adam Perry Lang (APL Restaurant) to talk about steak and how Lang’s ultra-high-end restaurant is faring during the lockdown. Lang is a renowned chef and Rogan loves meat, so that bit holds water. But Adam Perry Lang worked for Epstein and Rogan somehow didn’t bring this up a single time during the two-hour interview. Instead, they talked about steak. And that’s pretty much it.

Lang was outed as a personal chef for Epstein when court testimony by Epstein’s pilot was unsealed. It was confirmed that Lang spent considerable time traveling with Epstein and his crew to all the spots where Epstein was allegedly flying in underage girls to attend lavish parties he threw for celebrities, politicians, billionaires, and royalty. Lang himself admitted he was on some of the flights and worked in Epstein’s homes, but told Eater in 2019 that he was unaware of any wrong-doing going on all around him.

“My role was limited to meal preparation,” Lang told Eater. “I was unaware of the depraved behavior and have great sympathy and admiration for the brave women who have come forward.”

Lang hasn’t offered any more information since that conversation. In the years after Lang worked for Epstein at his New Mexico ranch, Palm Beach compound, New York penthouse, and private Caribbean Island, he’s become the toast of the Los Angeles food scene — working for Oprah, Mario Batali, and Jimmy Kimmel. The latter is such a close friend that Kimmel let Lang live in his beach house after his recent separation and divorce.

Why Joe Rogan, a man fairly obsessed with Jeffrey Epstein up to this point, choose not to ask a single question about Epstein while sitting across from one of his former personal chefs who was regularly on the “Lolita Express” leaves a pretty big question mark. And he’s receiving a lot of ire from Rogan’s fans in on social media and in the comments section of the episode’s YouTube page.


Obviously, no one has to be fully accountable for their associates or employers, but this topic seems like a pretty large elephant to leave standing in the room.