Jordan Klepper Talked To Trump Supporters Who Think He’s Still President At The Big Guy’s ‘Intimate’ Not-Quite-Rally In South Carolina

This weekend, two-and-a-half months after announcing his third presidential run, Donald Trump belatedly started campaigning. To say he started small would be an understatement. His first even was held not at some massive arena but at a…high school auditorium. His second, held later the same day in South Carolina, began life as a proper rally before being downgraded to an “intimate” whatzit. It’s all a bit confounding, especially since Trump once commanded Taylor Swift-level crowds. And when The Daily Show‘s Jordan Klepper showed up to check the latter event out, he found MAGA heads who were confused about other things as well.

Two older women Klepper spoke to, for instance, swore that Joe Biden isn’t the sitting president. It’s still Trump. “There’s a lot of things that this Biden person doesn’t have like the presidential seal,” one told Klepper. A perplexed Klepper pointed out that Biden does and he speaks in front of it often. He was told that one’s fake.

They also claimed Trump still controls the U.S. military. After Klepper asked if Trump was then responsible for the assistance in Ukraine, they informed that there are “two militaries”: a “good” one, commanded by Trump, and a “bad” one, run by non-president Biden.

One gentleman argued that Trump’s third campaign is more “elevated” and “mature,” and that he’s “toning the comments down.” The man, speaking of a guy who’s already trashing potential GOP rivals, was wearing a hat that said “I could sh*t a better president.”

Another agreed with Trump’s bizarre boast that he could end the Ukraine-Russia skirmish in “24 hours.” Putin, the man argued, knows that if Trump, say, threatens military force, he’s really going to do it. That said, he knew that if Putin thought Trump was bluffing, Trump couldn’t actually send in troops lest he start a war.

“It seems like a complicated situation,” Klepper charitably told the man about his theory.

You can watch Klepper’s latest of many dalliances with the MAGA crowd in the video above.