Josh Hawley Is Feeling No Shortage Of Mockery For Using ‘Manhood’ As The Title Of His Book (After He Ran From The Insurrection)

MAGA insurrectionist cheerleader and fist-pumper Josh Hawley hasn’t had the greatest running from the scene of the angry January 6 mob has led to him being mocked as a “laughingstock” and a “fleeing coward” by his Kansas City hometown paper, and somehow, he’s not done yet.

The far-right congressman kept on fundraising, somehow, with merch that showed him doing that fist pump, and then he trotted over to the Turning Point USA student summit, where he insisted that he wouldn’t “run away” from anyone (including his enemies), despite evidence to the contrary that he did so with people who were so-called friendlies to him. “I’m not gonna bend the knee,” he insisted, while not realizing that he continues to publicly humiliate himself.

And that’s about the point that people realized how Hawley’s about to release a new book that is curiously titled, Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs. Oh boy, are people having fun with that one. The jokes are flying while people simply cannot see how a “coward” could teach anyone about “manhood.” This feels a lot like Tucker Carlson’s testicle-tanning-filled montage that lamented the end of the alpha male or something. It’s odd stuff to fixate upon, and people wonder whether Hawley needs to brush up on his Hamlet or maybe write a book about stretching before another Capitol Hill sprint.

Or maybe he misspelled “manhood” and really meant, “Man In A Hood”? Anything is possible.

The hits keep coming, and they’re all hits that Hawley asked for.