Josh Hawley’s Hometown Paper Is Dragging Him As A ‘Laughingstock’ And ‘Fleeing Coward’ For Running For His Life On Jan. 6

Well, we’ve done it. The number of televised Jan. 6th Committee Hearings has officially surpassed the number of Harry Potter films in the original franchise. And, to celebrate this milestone that literally no one is keeping track of, we’d like to remind those paying attention to the political investigation that everyone, including his own state, absolutely hates Josh Hawley.

After Congresswoman Elaine Luria shared footage of the sedition-supporting senator fleeing the Capitol with his tail between his legs just hours after helping to incite a mob of insurrections into storming his workplace, Missouri’s Kansas City Star labeled Hawley a “laughingstock” in his home state in an article titled “Fist pumper to fleeing coward: Jan. 6 video shows Missouri who Josh Hawley really is.

“A signature Hawley issue is masculinity — as in, how little of it American men seem to have these days,” the paper writes. “It’s a frequent topic in his speeches and on his podcast, where ‘the left-wing attack on manhood’ is a dire threat to our society. Regnery Publishing is set to release his book “Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs” next year. Twitter didn’t see much bravado as he ran from the mob on Luria’s video.”

Please enjoy this thread if you haven’t seen the video yet:

The paper went on to shame Hawley for stirring up the crowd and perpetuating the baseless claim that the election had been stolen before alluding to Representative Liz Cheney’s comment that more insiders involved in planning the coup were prepared to speak.

“But funny as the visual was, there is absolutely nothing amusing about Jan. 6, 2021,” it says. “We said that day Hawley has blood on his hands for his role in perpetuating the lies that drove thousands of people to violence. That remains true. Sen. Josh Hawley might not fear a little mockery of his hasty flight from Capitol marauders. But he might be justified if he’s afraid of what emails or text messages some previously-loyal staffer might be considering turning over to the House committee.”

(Via Kansas City Star)