Josh Hawley Was Torched By His Home State Paper On The Third Anniversary Of Jan. 6

Today is the third anniversary of the time a former president whipped up a violent crowd of supporters to attempt a failed coup. So much has changed. Or has it? That same president is somehow currently the frontrunner for the GOP presidential ticket, despite his very broken brain. Some of the MAGA lawmakers who helped him even remain in power. One of them is Josh Hawley, whose antics that day (including fleeing from the mob he helped incite like a Looney Tunes character) earned him scorn from his home state at the time. Three years later people are still furious with him.

As caught by Newsweek, in a piece entitled “Jan. 6 Showed That, Yes, It Could Happen Here. The Voters Must Not Let It,” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch made sure to single Hawley out for his part in the Jan. 6 riot, and for continuing to disseminate Trump’s election fraud bull.

Trump’s gaseous lies might have merely dissipated into the atmosphere had it not been for Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, who was the first senator to object to ballot results,” wrote the editorial board. “That damnable, self-serving stunt is what made it necessary for Congress that day to debate the undebatable legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory — thus providing a time-and-place target for the MAGA madness of Jan. 6.”

The editorial also made sure to lump Hawley in with other MAGA cronies:

“Trump’s culpability is clear, but he isn’t alone. Scores of Republicans in both houses of Congress — most of whom are still there — joined Hawley in his attempt to disenfranchise millions of Americans by blocking certification valid election results. Later, most House Republicans refused to join the successful impeachment vote against Trump, then the Republican-controlled Senate refused to convict.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch isn’t the only Missouri paper that’s stuck it to Hawley. Last summer, The Kansas City Star torched the senator after he shared a fake Patrick Henry quote.

(Via The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Newsweek)