Judge Jeanine Got Big Mad And Shut Down A Guest After He Complimented Biden: ‘Thanks For Being Here, And Thanks For Nothing’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro had a bit of a meltdown on her show, Justice With Judge Jeanine, over the weekend when a guest made the big mistake of … wait for it … complimenting the job President Joe Biden has been doing since he took office.

Pirro, a staunch Trump supporter and vocal conservative pundit, invited respected immigration lawyer David Leopold on to her show Saturday to discuss the ongoing crisis at the border. In February, a reported 100,000 migrants tried to cross into the country, prompting Republicans to blame Biden for the surge in immigration numbers. In reality, most of the policies put in place by the Trump administration remain intact, with Biden’s team facing a complicated path through the courts to change some of the more inhumane regulations enacted under Trump. In fact, despite Pirro claiming on her show that February’s number was a “record” in terms of undocumented immigrants crossing the border, that new threshold actually belongs to Trump — in May 2019, some 150,000 people crossed the southern border.

But really, what are facts and context to Pirro? Leopold, who battled with her over her unsupported immigration claims for most of his guest spot, had the gall to suggest that Biden was “making America great again,” a tongue-in-cheek compliment that threw Pirro over the edge.

“David, I’m stopping you right there,” Pirro interrupted after Leopold pointed out the success of Biden’s vaccination plan. “I don’t tolerate lies on my show! He is bringing Covid into this country. He’s bringing in a whole pandemic, during a pandemic.”

Pirro then completely shut down Leopold, telling her guest, “Thanks for being here, and thanks for nothing.”

So … yeah, at least we know now what sets Jeanine Pirro off. Facts.