People Are Not Happy With Kamala Harris’ Disinterested Response About How The Democrats Are Preparing To Fight For Abortion Rights

The last two weeks have been a bloodbath for the Democrats. The right-leaning Supreme Court, a third of whom were appointed by Donald Trump, have been dramatically reshaping America, blowing up the line separating church and state, loosening already too loose gun laws, and destroying Roe v. Wade after half a century. And they’re almost certainly not done. What has the party that controls all three houses of government done? Not much! And people, who are already hopping mad at the Supremes, are getting really sick of the lack of pushback.

That wishy-washiness was on full display in an interview Vice President Kamala Harris did with CNN. Reporter Dana Bash asked her, straight-up, “What do you say to Democratic voters who argue ‘Wait a minute, we worked really hard to elect a Democratic president and vice president, a Democratic-led House, a Democratic-led Senate. Do it now’?”

Harris’ response spoke volumes. “Do what now?” she shot back. “What now? I mean, we need, we, listen, what we did, we extended the Child Tax Credit.”

Dash butted in to clarify, saying, “I’m sorry, when I say ‘Do it now,’ yeah, act legislatively to make abortion rights legal.”

But Harris punted the responsibility elsewhere. “We feel the same way. Do it now,” she said. “Congress needs to do it now in terms of permanently putting in place a clear indication that it is the law of the land that women have the ability and the right to make decisions about their reproductive care and the government does not have the right to make those decisions for a woman.”

Right now, Republicans are moving in lockstep when it comes to taking away rights, from women, from LGBTQIA+ people, from people in impoverished communities. They could easily take back the House and the Senate in November. Democratic voters have been demanding those they voted in power to do something. Sadly, Harris’ low-key, buck-passing response did not exactly inspire confidence.

In related news, even Republicans are shocked at how little Democrats have done to fight the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Indeed, some of these conservatives have some pretty good ideas about how to give them a what-fer.

But at least one elected Democratic lawmaker has some ideas.