Trump Has Even Lost QAnon With His ‘Foolish NFT Cash Grab,’ Which They’ve Deemed A ‘Sh*t Storm Debacle’

Donald Trump has been on a roll, but not the good kind. In the last month the former president has a) had Thanksgiving dinner with two anti-Semites, one of them also a white nationalist incel; b) launched a premature third presidential campaign; and c) watched as his business was found guilty on 17 counts of fraud. The big guy needs a win, and last week he didn’t get one. After crowing about a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT,” the surprise turned out to just be lame-looking NFTs. Even TrumpWorld wasn’t feeling it, and that now extends to the conspiracy theorist freaks at QAnon.

As per Vice, after Trump announced a line of $99 digital trading cards, the reaction among those who believe in some wackadoodle pedophilic cabal involving the likes of Tom Hanks were decidedly unimpressed. The reviews were not kind. On Telegram, one person deemed it a “sh*t storm debacle.” Another called it a “foolish NFT cash grab,” while yet another saw it as nothing more than Trump “shilling NFTs for campaign funds.”

It’s a shame as the ridiculous NFTs seemed to be aimed at QAnon types in particular. In the video announcement, Trump said the cards “feature amazing ART of my Life & Career.” But did it? Some of them depict as an astronaut and a fighter pilot. (In real life, Trump was able to dodge the Vietnam War draft.) But few from his target audience were impressed.

“This is shady sh*t,” wrote one person on a pro-Trump message board. That prompted another to write, “A f•cking NFT? He needs a new PR team.” “a dogshit play.” Another called it: “Cringe and tacky.”

Not everyone was left feeling deflated. After Trump posted another video on his rinky-dink Twitter clone, vowing to “shatter the left-wing censorship regime” if re-elected, some claimed that that was his real “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT.” Another went even further, making the auspicious claim that it was some 4-D chess plan to destroy NFTs.

“The invention of NFT was always an attempt to clamp down on free speech,” a QAnon supporter argued on Telegram. “What Trump is doing is clever, we all know the liberals will hate anything Trump supports. By creating his own NFTs he has destroyed liberal support for NFTs and thus shut down any notion that any Democrat can support the creation of the NFT legal internet censorship structure.”

Still, even they couldn’t argue that his dumb NFTs were good.

(Via Vice)