Kellyanne Conway Is (Confusingly) Calling Trump A ‘Great Girlboss,’ Even After He Trashed Her Book

Despite Donald Trump openly trashing her new book, Here’s the Deal, Kellyanne Conway is continuing to defend the former president while making the press rounds. On Tuesday, Conway stopped by CBS Mornings where she fielded questions about Trump denying that she told him that he lost the 2020 election and his insistence that he would’ve “sent her back to her crazy husband” if she did. While Conway has repeatedly spoken glowingly of Trump, she has, however, held strong on conceding that he lost fairly to Joe Biden and that Trump’s stolen election claims are the work of sycophantic advisors who refused to tell him the truth.

During her CBS Mornings interview, Conway refuted Trump’s claim that she never told him he lost. “I did, and it broke my heart,” Conway said before, once again, praising her former employer, even if she doesn’t understand the word “girlboss.” Via The Daily Beast:

Still, she defended her former-boss-turned-current-opponent as “a great girlboss” who championed women in office (even as he disparaged a plethora of women from Hillary Clinton to Kamala Harris to Meghan Markle).

“I’ve always had a great relationship with President Trump and I go on and on in the book of how protective he was of me,” she said, later adding: “I wish he was still the president.”

It’s an unusual turn of events considering Conway revealed that last week that Trump was going to release a “beautiful” statement about Here’s the Deal that she saw in advance. However, something happened behind the scenes that made Trump change his mind and, instead, attack her on Truth Social.

“Somebody worked overtime between last evening and this morning to have him put that statement out,” Conway told Mediaite. Nevertheless, she continues to praise Trump as a… great girlboss (?) because words no longer have meaning.

(Via The Daily Beast)