Kim Kardashian Was Ready To Do Some ‘Crazy Voodoo Sh*t’ After Being Gifted With A Marilyn Monroe Keepsake

Big weekend for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

The pair attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where they rubbed elbows with the effusive Martha Stewart (who had a lot to say about Pete). Then they popped over to the Met Gala, where Kim wore a certain item from pop culture history for the red carpet (and the red carpet only). That would be an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress, which the star wore in 1962 while gushing birthday wishes towards JFK.

That dress is now in the possession of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum (who previously purchased it for $4.8 million) in Orlando. The museum allowed Kim to wear the dress, although “armed guards and gloves” were in order to do so. On Instagram, the museum posted a video from a related moment, during which staffers presented Kim with a gift: a lock of Marilyn’s actual hair. She promptly declared that she was going to do some “crazy voodoo sh*t” to “channel” Monroe.

Well, it was a joke and actually a surprisingly good one. The museum’s team also descended upon Kim’s gala dressing room, where they unloaded other Marilyn and JFK memorabilia, and she apparently got to keep that hair. She’s a superfan if there ever was one, and if Netflix already didn’t have a Monroe biopic (starring Anna de Armas) on the way, there’d be cause to watch for Kim hitting them up to play the late icon. But since Kim’s tight with Hulu, who knows, maybe she’ll be phoning them instead.