Kim Kardashian’s ‘Late Nite Snack’ With Pete Davidson Reportedly Included A ‘Yeezy’-Themed Pizza

Kim Kardashian, following the premiere for Hulu’s The Kardashians, continued to be as loved-up as she could possibly be with SNL star Pete Davidson. This is all moving very fast, of course, and that doesn’t even account for how the “very hittable” Pete somehow decided to brand her name on his body (and she called it “adorable”) while Kim’s never able to stop talking about him. Yet at least this all seems to be much less drama free (as an existing relationship) than we saw her go through with Kanye West.

However, the pair might have (unintentionally?) flirted with stoking the fire when it comes to the post-premiere photos posted by Kim on Instagram. Here’s what she deemed to be their “late nite snack.”

Amid the prominent can of Diet Coke, there’s some visible pizza crust in the equation, and TMZ has details on what the table (including Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker) ordered at Los Angeles eatery Jon & Vinny’s. One of those menu items happened to be something with “Yeezy” in the name. Via TMZ:

Funny enough, we’re told one of the menu items ordered for the table included the restaurant’s famous “Ham & Yeezy” pizza … topped with smoked ham, vodka sauce, red onion, caciocavallo, mozzarella and pickled Fresno chilis.

As of now, Kanye’s Instagram account is radio silent, but he might be writing a diss track about pizza and soft drinks as we speak.

(Via TMZ)