The Man Who Egged King Charles Now Must Have A Receipt On Him To Carry Eggs In Public

If there wasn’t already enough instability in the United Kingdom with the death of a longtime monarch and three prime ministers in one year, now there’s been an egging that has set the island into a scrambled frenzy.

Earlier this week, King Charles was the target of an egging attempt by a protester in York, England. As the New York Post detailed, Charles seemed to “barely” acknowledge the attack, which missed him completely. Though he did take a look at the aftermath “just briefly pausing to look at the cracked shells.”

The lone protester — exposed by UK outlets as Extinction Rebellion activist and former Green Party candidate Patrick Thelwell — was heard shouting, “This country was built on the blood of slaves!”

Thelwell, 23, is well-known for his left-wing politics and has been arrested at least five times for various climate campaigns, according to Metro. In September 2020, he was fined for blocking London Bridge for Extinction Rebellion.

The incident resulted in a dramatic scene, which you can witness below. As a warning, it’s pretty graphic.

Getty Image

As a result. Thelwell was detained and handcuffed and now he will face consequences for his eggstraordinary crime. In an interview with Jezebel, Thelwell said part of his punishment was originally that he would be completely banned from having eggs on his person in person. Then a stipulation was added.

“They thought about [it] and said, actually that’s a bit harsh, what happens if he wants to eat some eggs?” Patrick Thelwell said of his bail hearing in a Thursday phone call with Jezebel. His amended punishment stipulates that he must have a receipt if he’s coming back from the grocery store with eggs.

Proof of purchase is a nice touch here, but as the egg man says he doesn’t think it will actually come to the night man checking his parcel for a receipt every time he walks groceries home.

“It’s unlikely that I’m going to get stopped,” he told Jezebel. Meanwhile, he is no longer allowed to be within 500 meters of the king and will face charges for his crimes next month.