King Charles Nearly Had Some Eggs To The Face During A Royal Engagement (And Also ‘The Crown’ Release Day)

It’s a strange time over in England, though Americans have their fair share of weirdness happening here, too. While King Charles III was visiting York on some royal business, a spectator decided to share his disapproval of the king…by throwing eggs at him.

Now, these weren’t some soft-boiled eggs or your grandma’s famous deviled eggs, these were hard, raw eggs that shattered on the ground next to Charles’ (probably very expensive) shoes. The culprit threw three eggs which all missed the royals, though some reports suggest he threw up to five (!) eggs at the new king, who didn’t seem at all fazed. He probably would have been more affected if the man threw some holy water and garlic bread instead.

The King also didn’t seem to notice when the civilian shouted “this country was built on the blood of slaves” and “not my king” at him and his wife Camilla.

The man was swiftly taken into police custody while King Charles was served an egg sandwich later on, by pure coincidence of course. It’s also a coincidence that the fifth season of Netflix’s hit royal drama The Crown premieres on the streamer today, so perhaps this is how fans are trying to celebrate.

Season five of The Crown will follow the family in the early ’90s, focusing on Princess Diana’s strained relationship with the royals and King Charles being a giant jerk. Maybe the egg thing is a good distraction!

(Via The Guardian)