Say Hello To The Twitter Account Holding Kylie Jenner And Other Stars Accountable For Their Climate-Busting Private Jet Joyrides

It’s 2022, so it should be known that there is no privacy anywhere, ever. But that’s especially true when it comes to celebrities, who have actual Twitter accounts dedicated to knowing their every move. While that’s problematic in its own right, it also gives us normal people (aka, those who aren’t billionaires) a look into what it’s like to be rich. And it looks like being rich is just using all of the earth’s precious resources until they eventually run dry, while also being incredibly insensitive to those around you. It seems hard, right?

Kylie Jenner has been stirring up drama among her fans who seem tired of her flaunting her wealth. Recently, Jenner posted a picture with Travis Scott with the caption “mine or yours” and the duo posing in between their two private jets. This did not land well with Jenner’s target demographic of middle-class millennial women.

Then this week, a Twitter account dedicated to tracking celebrity jets, CelebJets, made note that Jenner also recently took a 17-minute ride across a California suburb, which would be an estimated 45-minute drive, according to Page Six. This is not the first time it’s happened, and people are growing increasingly agitated with the carelessness of celebs as the climate crisis becomes alarming.

CelebJets also lists the amount of fuel used in each flight (they did not provide the stats for Jenner’s 17-minute ride) which shows exactly how much jet fuel and CO2 emissions celebs like Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg go through for their various 30 minutes jet rides. Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot. Spielberg’s recent 24-minute New York flight used over 1,300 lbs of jet fuel.

The creator of the account, Jack Sweeney, also pointed out that certain celebrities try to hide their data, but it’s all out in the public.

On the one hand, tracking a celebrity to see where they are is weird. On the other hand, why do they feel the need to fly across town to run errands? Many of Jenner’s followers are tired of seeing her and others present their wealth in this way.

The planet is dying! These jets don’t need to bring you to the grocery store. Maybe Jenner should listen to her fans on this one.