Kylie Jenner Is Being Called A ‘Climate Criminal’ For Taking Comically Short Flights On Private Jets While The World Is On Fire

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner treated her 359 million Instagram followers to a photo of her and her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, standing in front of a pair of private jets. “You wanna take mine or yours?” she wrote. It’s very relatable content. Also relatable: taking your environment-destroying private jet on a minutes-long flight.

The Daily Mail reports that “Kylie is the latest member of her family to be accused of hypocrisy, after she flew on her luxury ‘Kylie Air’ private plane twice across the county on July 13, and again just two days later on July 15. The Bombardier Global 7500 jet travelled for 35 minutes from Palm Springs, just outside of LA, to Van Nuys, in Los Angeles, close to her $36 million Hidden Hills mansion on July 15.” Two hours later, she went from Van Nuys to Camarillo, a trip that “took just 12 minutes.”

A private jet like “Kylie Air” is five to 14 times more dangerous to the environment than taking a commercial airplane, let alone driving the meager distance from one California city to another nearby California city, and “50 times more polluting than trains,” according to Transport and Environment. Over two tons of CO2 are emitted. That’s… not great.

Had the star driven the 26 mile trip from her home in Hidden Hills, to Camarillo it would have taken her around 39 minutes – without traffic. But instead the star drove 30 minutes in the wrong direction to Van Nuys airport, before jumping on the plane – with the journey taking longer despite the 12 minute flight.

Jenner, who responded to the controversy with a TikTok of her and her kids shopping at Target in an attempt to seem “normal” and not someone who casually takes their private jet for a quick jaunt, is being called a “climate criminal” on social media.

(Via the Daily Mail)