Lauren Boebert Has Preemptively Claimed Victory In Her Nail-Biting Colorado Race, But People Will Not Let This Slide (Yet)

Ten full days after the midterms, we still don’t know whether Lauren Boebert will be rootin’ and tootin’ in D.C. for another day. Given that she’s in such a nail-biting race in such a red-leaning district, this does not bode well for a lengthy political career, but Boebert doesn’t see those alarm bells ringing. Instead, she’s simply happy to be barely leading Adam Frisch, who was unknown to nearly everyone until he ran on the “Not-Boebert” platform in Colorado’s 3rd district. Going into Friday morning, the Colorado Sun reported that Sarah Palin 2.0 led by a mere 543 votes. Only 200 were left to be counted, although such a close race is subject to a mandatory recount.

Boebert previously exclaimed, “Winning!” That was when she led by less than one percent of the vote, and now, she’s gone ahead and posted a victory video. “We won!” she tweeted on a day that might very well see Twitter’s last dying breath. “I am so thankful for all of your support and I am so proud to be your Representative!”

Let’s get real: there’s a strong likelihood that Boebert will pull off a squeaker in the recount. It’s not enough to justify her tweets about “losers” because Republicans are clearly pushing back at being represented by such a heckling menace and Ted Cruz’s BFF. So, people are still here to point out that Boebert truly has nothing to celebrate, and she probably hasn’t learned anything from this experience. And Twitter users are here to let the recount commence.

(Via Colorado Sun)