People Are Having A Field Day With Lauren Boebert’s ‘Problems’ As Her Election Fate (Still) Hangs In The Balance

We still don’t know whether rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert lost or won her reelection bid. By the wee hours following Election Day, people were mercilessly trolling her previous too-soon tweet about “losers.” As the week has continued, a tight race continued to throw up obstacles to a definitive call. Currently, Boebert is barely leading (with 50.2% of the vote, as the AP continues to monitor) against the relatively unknown Adam Frisch (with 49.8%), who essentially ran on the “Not Lauren Boebert” platform. Pueblo County is understood to lean Frisch’s way, so those outstanding votes could prove vital to the outcome of this race.

Given that the back-and-forth margin has been razor thin all along, we are probably looking at a recount situation no matter what. None of this stopped Boebert from emerging on Thursday with a “Winning!” proclamation.

It’s odd that anyone would consider a minuscule lead to be “winning,” but here we are. And who knows when we’ll actually see more definitive results? The opponents had already bumped into a statistical tie over a month ago in the polls, and Boebert had trucked out an unintentional imitation of a The Daily Show correspondent in response to press coverage. Quickly on election night, it grew apparent that a so-called “red wave” didn’t exist, and Boebert’s race certainly remains too close to call. For that reason, people are listing all of the “problems” that they believe still burden Boebert, whether she wins or loses.

Talk of pronouns and her husband’s arrest for public indecency prevail, along with Russia/China jokes. People also find it ironic that Boebert allegedly had something to do with or at least spurred on the insurrection, and now, she’s got her own election debacle in the works.

And we continue to wait to see who will represent Colorado’s third congressional district.