Lauren Boebert Got Schooled After She Dug In Her Heels Over Heckling Biden While He Talked About His Dead Son

In a move that was both predictable and sad, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to make spectacles of themselves by trying to start a “build the wall” chant during Joe Biden’s State Of The Union address. Boebert went much further, too. As Biden discussed burn pits and how, in the aftermath of exposure, soldiers died from cancer, the rootin’ tootin’ Republican screamed about “thirteen” soldiers, who were killed during the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan that happened on Biden’s watch. Biden had mentioned his son in the context of soldiers killed by cancer, and Boebert had seized upon the moment with her own agenda.

Boos were heard on the floor when this all went down, but Boebert was not deterred. Nor did she seem to recall how she previously praised the Taliban for “building back better,” but rather, Boebert was riding high following her shenanigans and stubbornly defended her antics. It was a big night for her, too, since Ted Cruz had had called her “my friend” while tweeting a photo of Boebert’s “Drill Baby Drill” jacket.

“The left is pissed because I called out Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.” Boebert tweeted after the address. “[T]hat left 13 of America’s finest in a flag-draped coffin. They are mad because a speech was ‘interrupted’. Ask the the families who lost their loved ones how interrupted their lives are now.”

Naturally, the people came for her, and they were armed with receipts, not only for the 60+ troops who died in Afghanistan on Trump’s watch but also how Boebert spoke out of turn. She chose to heckle Biden over a suicide bomber’s actions while he talked his veteran son’s death, and yeah, there’s a big “time and place for everything” vibe here.

Boebert won’t learn anything from this adventure, though. Trolls are gonna troll.