Lauren Boebert Attempted To Deliver A Halloween Lesson On Teaching Kids About Taxes, And It Did Not Go As Planned

Lauren Boebert has been hitting the campaign trail hard with only one week left to go before Election Day. Her reelection bid might actually be in jeopardy, given that her rival, Adam Frisch, has reportedly achieved a statistical tie. So, there’s lots of rootin’ and tootin’ to be done before November 7, and part of that time led to a what appears to be a freedom-themed Trunk or Treat-style event in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

Things got political, which is no surprise, but the Rifle Republican decided to turn the candy-collecting custom into a lesson on taxation while posting photos. “Happy Halloween! Enjoy this time with your friends and family,” Boebert tweeted. “Parents don’t forget to teach your kids about taxes by taking a portion of their loot! Let me know how much they think is fair. Hint: It’s much less than what Democrats take.”

Never mind that kids and parents share everything anyway, and these kids are gonna pass out after having a sugar high and major crash, so it’s all very silly. Still, Boebert wants to be contentious about Halloween, and this is leading to the same effect as when she tried to lecture Twitter followers about church vs. state or called for ending the Education Department. People rarely forget to remind her about how she acquired a GED mere months before winning her congressional election. Again, there’s nothing wrong with a GED, but Boebert tends to readily hand out ammunition for roasting.

People were swift to hop onto Boebert with reminders that her paycheck essentially comes from taxpayers’ wallets. She has also spoken about growing up on welfare as an origin story of sorts, and an inspiration for attempting to change the future. Still, she’s apparently messy with her money trail, which led to reports that she paid restaurant bills with campaign dollars. So, there are accusations of hypocrisy here, along with mentions of Rick Scott backpeddling on a plan to increase taxes for low-income Americans.

People also offered up their actual insight in how they teach their own kids about taxes.

A few “trickle down” jokes surfaced as well.

Boebert didn’t dress in costume for the above trunk-or-treat event, but she did do Halloween as Cruella de Vil in 2021.