Lauren Boebert May Be Sinking In The Polls And At Risk To Lose Her Re-Election Bid, But That Won’t Stop From Lamely Attempting To Own The Libs

Rootin’ Tootin Lauren Boebert may not be doing so well these days, politically speaking. Her Shooter’s Grill, which is also tied to her political image and gun-loving ways, recently lost its lease and had to saunter off into the sunset (in a brick-and-mortar sense). She also recently caused a debate ruckus while confronting a moderator and declared that D.C.’s biggest problem “is that there’s not enough of me.”

From there, Boebert’s poll numbers began to slide. Even though she’s in a red district, Axios reported that her “little known” opponent, Adam Frisch, advanced to the point where he’s right behind her, meaning that (if one accounts for the margin of error) he’s statistically tied with the controversial Rifle Republican. Boebert’s not acknowledging the poll so far, and she’s deflecting, which has led her to a blunder. This time, though, she’s not tripping over civics but, instead, chose to issue a “two words” tweet (while attempting to drag Joe Biden) while using three words: “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Naturally, people couldn’t resist the low-hanging fruit of Boebert declining to count her words, and after a few days of those responses on Twitter, Boebert fired back with many more words. She decided to be adventurous and (while linking a Fox News report noting the leftist response to her initial stumble) drop twelve words: “Thanks for proving that liberal pundits exist only in an echo chamber.”

Well, first off, mistakes happen. They do. No doubt about it, but as experienced as Boebert is at deflecting, she probably would have been better off ignoring the two-or-three-word tweet subject because now there’s a real question on how many times she counted the words in this comeback tweet:

We’ll see how Boebert’s constituents feel on November 8.