Seth Meyers Is Convinced Lauren Boebert’s Staff ‘Hates Her’ After That Disastrous Public Urination Hearing

Earlier this week, House Republicans oddly decided to hold a hearing on Washington D.C.’s criminal code as the nation was still dealing with the Nashville school shooting. Ever the dutiful soldier, Lauren Boebert went to town berating D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen for decriminalizing public urination. She was extremely insistent on getting to the bottom of this very serious pee-related matter.

Here’s the thing: public urination was never decriminalized. It’s still a criminal offense in the current code, which Boebert should know because she voted against a revised code that was brought before Congress in the fall. The now-viral exchange baffled Late Night host Seth Meyers, who is used to Boebert not knowing what she’s talking about, but this was a whole new level.

“Are you not capable of doing a Google before appearing at committee hearings in Congress?” Meyers asked. “Or does Boebert think doing a Google is also slang for public urination?”

Still in disbelief, Meyers continued to hammer the jarringly uninformed Boebert. Via The Wrap:

“I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how dumb this is,” Meyers mocked. “She had to be corrected by the witness about a bill she voted on. There’s a good chance she doesn’t even know she’s in Washington, D.C. right now. She probably needs one of those mall maps that tells you where you are, except for the entire country.”

After wrapping up his astonishment, Meyers floated a theory at what’s really going on even though the very clear and obvious explanation is that Boebert just isn’t very smart.

“Here’s my theory,” Meyers said. “I think Lauren Boebert’s staff hates her and gave her bad information as a prank.”

The Late Night host then proceeded to float a scenario where Boebert’s staff get her to criticize a bill sponsored by “I.P. Mapantz.” It could happen.

(Via The Wrap)